Capella BSN4016 Unit 5 Discussion 1

Capella BSN4016 Unit 5 Discussion 1

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Communication Tools


  • For this discussion:
  • Identify and describe the different types of communication tools that you use in your workplace when administering medication to patients.
    • How do these tools facilitate effective communication and eliminate medication errors? For example, how does the Pyxis machine provide effective communication?
    • How do these tools promote patient safety?
    • Are there potential barriers to the effective use of these tools?
  • Support your response with references to this week’s readings.

Response Guidelines

Respond to one other learner. Are the tools identified similar, or did your peer identify tools that you do not use in your workplace? Are these tools truly an effective way to communicate when administering, ordering, or counting pharmacological agents? Explain. Your response should indicate that you have read the weekly readings and contain at least one reference. Additionally, make sure that your response is in accordance with any of the established faculty expectations. Always be sure to follow proper APA style and formatting for any citations and references.

Capella BSN4016 Unit 5 Discussion 1

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