Explain why you decided to respond to this particular post.


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Read the discussion post below.

In your response.

  1. Explain why you decided to respond to this particular post.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Propose additional sources of evidence, or build upon foundational knowledge.
  4. Your response must be a minimum of 250 words in length.
  5. You MUST cite references from a peer reviewed scholarly source, using APA style.


Levels of Evidence

Type of peer-reviewed articles located

There were not very many peer reviewed articles on the topic of aligning physician services in an academic medical center to create a faster, more efficient on boarding process.  However, the few that were discovered which would be appropriate.

  • Beginning Employment: A guide for a new nurse practitioner in the Journal of Nurse practitioner from 2014.  Some of the content in this article relates to the process of hospital credentialing and privilege as well as the Medicare enrollment process.
  • Four Ways to Avoid a Credentialing Cash Flow Crisis in the Journal of Medical Practice Management from 2015.  It includes additional content related to the impact of delayed Medicare Credentialing which will result in loss of Medicare Payments.

White papers or Opinion papers

There are multiple white papers available on credentialing, privileging, Medicare enrollment and health plan enrollment. In the hospital and government payor credentialing industry, white papers are prevalent and exist within many peer organizations as guidelines for best practice. These will be an integral part of the research for this project.

Industry experts

Multiple industry experts will be consulted and interviewed on this project.  Most notably will be physicians who have had experience with the laborious and rigorous process of hospital, government payor and private payor credentialing as it relates to onboarding.  Additionally, interviews with peers as well as with vendors within technology companies who offers tools that can potentially manage the alignment of physician services to assist in streamlining the physician onboarding process.

Appropriate Research, not evidence based

According to Stichler (2015), some researchers use focus groups, questionnaires and surveys to develop useful evidence to measure results or guide decisions.  This will be a vital part of this project.  Physician satisfaction surveys will be used in addition to interviews with peers at other academic medical centers.


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