Explaining how professional etiquette can impact professional relationships

This assignment involves answering two questions, and each question provides you with anopportunity to accomplish the following learning outcomes:1. Evaluate the effect of attitude, personality, and goal setting on work performance development.1.1 Explain how professional etiquette impacts workplace relationships.1.2 Explain how a professional can proactively approach career changes.Be sure to answer each question, save all of your work in this template, and submit it in Blackboard forgrading.1. This question involves explaining how professional etiquette can impact professional relationships.Consistently displaying proper etiquette is a reflection of one’s organization and can build or destroybusiness relationships. For this question, explain the importance of social behavior and share an exampleof a situation you have witnessed where someone’s behavior affected one or more professional workplacerelationships—feel free to include positive or negative examples. Your response must be at least 250words in length.2. This question involves explaining how a professional can proactively approach career changes.Entrepreneurship remains vital to small business development. With 96.1% of all businesses categorizedas a small business, the likelihood of you either being an entrepreneur or working for one is extremelyhigh. For this essay, visitwww.sba.govand view the characteristics of and opportunities available for anentrepreneur. After reviewing the possibilities, state whether or not you have an interest inentrepreneurship. Then, explain how you could use the information onwww.sba.govto proactivelyapproach career changes. Remember, your essay can take the position of actually being an entrepreneur orat least working with an entrepreneur. Your response must be at least 250 words in length.Page1of1

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