Formulating a Healthcare Policy Worksheet

Formulating a Healthcare Policy Worksheet

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I need help from a tutor familiar with nursing courses. I’m currently taking a healthcare policy course. This week’s lesson pertains to the four spheres of political action- workplace/workforce sphere, government sphere, community sphere, professional organization sphere. The question asked by the professor states:

“You will complete the Formulating a Healthcare Policy Worksheet 1 this week and ultimately choose your healthcare policy priority. If you have decided on your policy priority, how can you specifically apply the four spheres of political action in your upcoming policy?”

The healthcare policy I’m considering is the lack of access to mental and behavioral healthcare services in the African American community. I will attach the worksheet my instructor states in her question and my discussion thread further taking about the four spheres. I need help further applying the four spheres to my policy. My thoughts are community, government and possibly professional organizations can be utilized for mental health policies.

Formulating a Healthcare Policy Worksheet Essay

Describe a public-health policy issue with which you have personal and/or professional experience, and about which you are interested, familiar, and passionate. Whyis this issue of particular interest/importance to you and to the profession of nursing? Examples of policy issues includeAccess to health care (community based)Adult or childhood obesity NR506 Formulating a Health Care Policy Worksheet #1 (ungraded) revised 1/17 AR 1
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Chamberlain College of Nursing NR506 HEALTHCARE POLICYSocial issuesEnvironmental issuesNutrition2.What is the specific problem, including background, surrounding this issue? Is there a need for a new law or campaign related to this issue? Is there a need for change to an existing law? Is there need for a change in regulatory issues? What specific supportive evidence do you have for this issue, including evidence and references? You will need to include this in your message/ask/recommendation(s).3.Review thoughts regarding your chosen healthcare policy issue. It is important to analyzeyour issue thoroughly. Be sure you address the following with evidence and research:ContextGoals/optionsEvaluation of optionsRecommended solutions (be very specifichere; recommend a policy solution thata policymaker or legislator can actually do something about).4.How can you find out the current status of this issue? Is there a website (professional organization such as the American Nurses Association or local, state, or federal government) that provides status updates or alerts? Please describe.5.What level(s) of government does your issue involve (local, state, federal)? What level of government is your immediate target? Please describe.6.Who is the legislator you will contact? Be specific with name or job title

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