NR512 Week 2 Informatics Key Terms Quiz

NR512 Week 2 Informatics Key Terms Quiz

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Question 1. Question :

(TCO 1) Match the Informatics Key terms with their definition.

3: Wisdom » 3 : Knowledge applied in a practical manner

2: Cognitive science » 1 : Foundational science for informatics that looks at how the human mind works

5: Electronic health record » 5 : Longitudinal record of one’s health and treatment interventions

7 National Health Information Infrastructure » 7 : An initiative to improve healthcare quality, efficiency, and effectiveness by making healthcare information available when and where it is needed through technology, standards, interoperability, governance, and cooperation

1: Cognitive informatics » 2 : Emerging field of study that focuses upon how information is processed both in the human mind and the computer

: Information science » 6 : Foundational science for informatics that looks at the application and use of information and knowledge in organizations and the interface between people, organizations, and information systems

: Artificial intelligence » 4 : Field or application that attempts to capture human thought processes and intelligence

Question 2. Question :

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