Windshield Survey Bellevue, Nashville, TN

Windshield Survey Bellevue, Nashville, TN

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Date of Survey:February 7, 2017Community:The Community of Bellevue located in southwest Nashville, Tennessee and con-tains approximately 74 square miles (NashvilleNext, 2015, p. 7).Housing:Housing within Bellevue ranges from apartment complexes to old colonial homes.There areatotal of eight apartment complexes within the Bellevue area. Most lawns and homesare well kept and have good curb appeal with the exception of a few outliers.Buildings:There don’t seem to be any commercial or public buildings outside of retail andrestaurants within the community.Parks and Public Spaces:Bellevue comes with many of gorgeous hiking trails well maintainedand free of litter. They also have two recreational yards with playgrounds for kids, tennis courtsand basketball courts that seems to be well taken care of.Culture and Entertainment:There is a movie theater that seems to be a little outdated but ac-cording to the sign on the new outdoor mall will be moving down the street in the fall. Cheek-wood can also be found in Bellevue it is a Botanical Garden and Art Museum. Nashville PublicLibrary has a branch within Bellevue.Streets:The streets of bellevue for the most part are well maintain lined with sidewalks on mostroads. On this Tuesday afternoon there were a decent amount of people wal……

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